Tagcash Network Features

Create Your Social Universe

  • Design your network hierarchy: As a network creator, establish multiple network roles and designate app access, either for free or as paid features.
  • Financial Flexibility: Choose to let groups retain their entire earnings or apply an additional percentage on top of Tagcash's current 2% charge.
  • Decentralized Control: Each role or group can further create and manage their own sub-groups, defining app access, members, subscriptions, and permissions to tailor unique experiences.

Enhanced User Experience

  • Seamless sign-up with email and OTP for quick access.
  • Customize your platform's focus, whether it's newsfeeds, chats, or any other app.
  • Choose your platform: Available as a mobile app or web app with your own domain.

Ultimate Customization & Versatility

  • Tap into many built-in apps or create your own with our Database Manager and App Maker.
  • Integrate Bitcoin/Lightning, BSP-regulated PHP wallets, or opt for more wallet integrations.
  • Maintain control over user data for effective and transparent network management.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Social Space?

Frequently Asked Questions

For network operators wishing to offer varied control levels for group creation, a Stripe account is necessary for billing purposes.
When it comes to users making payments to groups — whether for subscriptions, services, or content — they have the option to use the integrated wallets. Additionally, if a group possesses its own Stripe account, payments can also be facilitated through Stripe Connect.
Tagcash charges a nominal fee of 2% for network-level transactions or for transaction fees conducted within their groups. However, as a network creator, you have the flexibility to add an additional charge on top of this 2% to further monetize your network operations.
We don't issue refunds but you can cancel at any time, since our pricing is month to month.
You'll receive an email from tagcash once your purchase is complete.
If you go over the data allowance limit for the month, an automatic $20 charge will be applied to your credit card for an additional 1TB block. This extra storage won't expire at month's end; it'll be used as and when required. This policy is applicable to both data storage and data transfer. You can monitor and manage your data usage via the Content Library app..
You can register for a trial period for 14 days, no payment method is needed during this time.