PHP Wallet

Tagcash offers a PHP wallet regulated under Banco Sentral with all the usual features of an E-Wallet, including user and business acccounts, transfers to and from banks, remittance centers and agents, debit cards, QR code payments and much more. There are no fees for transfers from user to user, user to business, business to user or business to business. Merchants can set up their Tagcash QR code and take payments free of charge.
Tagcash also has created and manages a PHP stablecoin on Ethereum, Polygon and Stellar Networks.
Content or membership charging can also be done using PHP.

Closed Loop Currencies

A business account can create its own currencies, for closed loop rewards.

Gasless EVM Crypto Assets

Tagcash offers 2 mini apps for creation and management of ERC-20 tokens and ERC-1155 NFT Tokens running on the Tagcash Gasless EVM chain. NFT assets can be sold for USD Credits within the mini app

Access Tagcash

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About Us

Tagcash is authorised and regulated by the BSP (Central Bank of Philippines) as an Electronic Money Issuer.

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Makati City, Philippines

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