Personal Mini Apps

Free access for personal use

  • ~E-Wallet (pay bills, buy load, transfers, remittances etc)
  • Visa Debit Cards (max 3 cards)
  • Scratchcards
  • Jackpot Savings
  • Charity
  • Photo Album
  • Newsfeed / Blog
  • Selected Games
  • Selected 3rd party Mini Apps

Business Mini Apps (Bronze)

  • Closed Loop Currency (Creation & Management)
  • Biller Setup
  • Rewards
  • Red Envelopes
  • Vouchers
  • Coupons
  • Invoicing
  • Time Attendance
  • Bookings
  • Jobs
  • Debit Cards (max 10 cards)
  • Newsfeed / Blog
  • GPS Tracking
  • Chatrooms

Business Mini Apps (Silver)

  • Tutorial (Creation & Selling)
  • Events & Tickets
  • Market Place (Shops/Ecommerce)
  • Auctions
  • Debit Cards management and sales (unlimited)
  • Content Library
  • Member Management
  • ERC-20 Token Creation (Gasless Chain)
  • ERC-1155 NFT Creation & Sales (Gasless Chain)

Business Mini Apps (Gold)

  • Co-branded Debit Card Management
  • Lending & Management
  • Hackathon
  • Real Estate Portal

3rd party Mini Apps

  • VTC (Pre Pay) - 100,000+ IT Video Tutorials ($10 per concurrent user licence)
  • VTC (Pay per use) - 100,000+ IT Video Tutorials (pay per lesson, 20% goes to business)


Banco Sentral Regulated PHP E-Wallet

No fees for merchants to accept via QR code etc

Closed Loop currency creation and usage

Multiplatform Mobile app or web login

Individual and Business Accounts

Own URL domain name for app

Real time Chat

Cash in via agents, 7-11, banks, or Bitcoin

Cash out via agents, banks, remittance partners, Bitcoin

Transfers via Pesonet, Instapay, PHP Stablecoin (stellar, polygon, tagchain)

Buy and use Debit cards

Chat - Business or user

eKYC Verification


Email verification for device lock

Developers - Flutter, appwrite, gitlab, gasless EVM blockchain

Sandbox - Use "email/demo"

Optional Dark Mode

About Us

Tagcash is authorised and regulated by the BSP (Central Bank of Philippines) as an Electronic Money Issuer.

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21/F, 88 Corporate Center,
141 Valero Street,
Makati City, Philippines

+63 9171370746
+63 (02) 8804 2486