Tagcash enables users and merchants to deposit, spend, charge, transfer, disburse and withdraw money using web and mobile app wallets. Merchants can also use the Tagcash API to integrate services into their own products. There are no transaction fees for user to user or merchant to merchant transfers.
For payments from user to merchant account, Tagcash charges a fee of 2% to the merchant. Scratchcard prizes are given to users to win cash prizes, but merchants can also add their own scratchcards, or give rewards, either in TAGX, Bitcoin or their own created currencies. Cash in (topup) and cash out (withdrawal) fees are either free or vary depending on method and partner.
Tagcash also offers an Android based NFC/RFID touch and pay app, for real or tokenized currency. Cards can either store tokens, or be used as an identifier to deduct online user balances.
Both the Tagcash Wallet and Tag Touch apps can be white labelled.


  • Merchant Setup Charge - Free
  • User to User Transfer - Free
  • Merchant to Merchant Transfer - Free
  • User to Merchant Transfer - 2% Merchant Fee
  • Creating your own rewards currency - $99 USD

Rewards & Private Currencies

Any currency can be created on Tagcash as tokens, either as a finite amount or with follow on issuance and used for rewards, private currency use or something else. Restrictions can be applied as to who can send or receive that currency, or made open. All tokens are also created on Stellar Blockchain, enabling easy collaboration with other platforms without needing an API.


Tagcash handles various cryptocurrencies, and in the case of Bitcoin and other select cryptocurrencies, can be converted to local currency on payment by customers. Bitcoin can be used to fund Tagcash money wallets, for remittance purposes. Currencies can also be created or imported into Tagcash if created on Stellar or Ethereum blockchains, for seamless transfer to and from other wallets.

Use of Stellar Blockchain in Tagcash

Tagcash is a Stellar "Anchor" meaning it issues Philippines Pesos (PHP) for usage on the Stellar Blockchain, but for other currencies, Tagcash uses assets created by other anchors around the world who are regulated for their respective currency issuance. These currencies can easily be moved into and out of the Tagcash wallet, but Tagcash does not offer cashout to Fiat except for Philippine Pesos.
For international remittance partners wanting to send PHP to the Philippines, Tagcash accounts can be prefunded and used to transfer to Tagcash users for onward disbursement, cashout etc. If a partner is using Stellar already and is regulated as an E-Money issuer or bank, then we can exchange currency asset credits for later settlement or usage in Stellar.
All assets created in Tagcash (for example as rewards currency) are created on the Stellar Blockchain (stellar.org). Tagcash also makes use of a federated server to make it easier to remember account information (eg: mark*tagcash.com combines the main Tagcash receiving address and the account number within Tagcash).

Mobile Apps

Tagcash has developed 3 mobile applications for different use cases:

TAGCASH WALLET - Primary application used for storage and usage of digital assets, lending, and other apps and services.

TAG TOUCH - Connect any RFID card or Tagcash NFC cards/Bands and spend with a simple touch. Fast and effective. Offline or online. Learn More

TAG TALK - Chat and calling app similar to What's App, with payments, remittances, load and transfers. Download it now and start connecting. Learn More

Digital Asset Types

Mobile Apps

Download Tagcash Wallet app for Android Download Tagcash Wallet app for iOS

About Us

Tagcash is a digital wallet developer and platform, building blockchain solutions on Distributed Ledger Technology. Tagcash is regulated by the central bank of the Philippines (BSP), and is authorised as an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI)

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