The FAQ app in Tagcash is designed to provide comprehensive answers to common questions. It offers an efficient way for group administrators to convey important information to their members.


Administrators can effortlessly create a FAQ section within their group. The app allows for the addition of text, images, and videos, making the content both informative and engaging.

Media Support

Beyond text, the FAQ app supports the inclusion of images and videos. This multimedia approach ensures that complex topics can be explained in a clear and comprehensive manner.

Simple Markup Formatting

The app uses simple markup text for formatting, making it easy even for those without technical expertise to create polished and professional-looking FAQs.

AI Support

Feed in the basic information for your faq and have AI rewrite it for you in the style you prefer.

Access Control

Admins have full control over who can access the FAQ section, ensuring that only authorized members can view the content.


The FAQ app in Tagcash is an essential tool for any group looking to streamline communication and provide essential information in an organized, accessible format.

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