Tagcash develops modules and white label apps, that encourage cashless usage. This includes Fiat, loyalty rewards, cryptocurrencies, non fungible tokens and more. Some apps are specific to the Philippines, others can be used worldwide. Most apps can be white labelled.

Live modules

VTC - Online Elearning

Partnered with Virtual Training Company (vtc.com) to deliver 100,000 IT training videos, paid by the lesson in either PHP, TUSD or TAGX rewards currency. This is also available in the Android Playstore as a standalone app.

TAG77 - Events and Tickets

Events and Ticketing module, using NFC/RFID and QR codes for event management and ticket sales. This is also available in the Android Playstore as a standalone app.

SOCIETY EIGHT - Online Shopping

Partnered with Societyeight.ph, which offers rental racks within retail stores around Philippines, to let small micromerchants build online stores to sell their products.

MISKIO - Auctions

Auctions of physical and digital goods, using escrow via the Tagcash Wallet.

Modules under development

IWS - Bus Reservations

Partnered with iwantseats.com, online bus reservation service for Philippines.

GOFERBIKE - Bike Deliveries

Partnered with goferbike.com, for bike deliveries within Metro Manila.

PROOFCORE - Provenance

Partnered with proofcore.com, to record and transfer ownership of items not currently managed by government entities, using permissioned blockchains (multichain.com) and TAGX tokens for transactions

STORE - Grocery inventory, sales and credit tracking

Offline android app for Sari Sari Stores (or small groceries), with option to go online to order and pay online, download new inventory catalogs, sell load, pay bills and handle remittances.

SAFEPAY - Escrow Payment

Lock in an amount to pay someone, release triggered by safe delivery of whatever was promised.


Managing and paying freelance workers.

TAG LIFE - The gig economy

Starting with mobile massage bookings, this is the first module of many supporting the mobile workforce.

RED - Real Estate Directory

Directory for agents, sellers and buyers of real estate, with integrated wallet for mortgage payments, dues, rentals etc.

POSIF - Employee Check IN/OUT

Employees can checkin and out, or track visits to clients, employers can manage employees. Will also feature salary disbursements, government payments and taxes.

JOIN - Membership Management

Manage your association memberships and payments. Add events and merchandise store. This will also be available as a standalone app, and for white labelling if needed.

VOTE - Blockchain based voting

Create Campaigns, assign voters, candidates and voting tokens. Stored on our VOTE blockchain or use your own chain.

NFT - Non Fungible Tokens

Create, buy or trade Virtual Real Estate Tokens (VRE). Create your own Tokens, complete with essential data, images/videos stored using the NFT p2p Multichain blockchain.

SCI - Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Buy and Sell Bitcoin, using your wallet balance.

Kampayan - Crime Reports

Report crimes or unsafe areas, view using heatmaps.

If you would like to partner with Tagcash, either to integrate Tagcash payment options, for white labelling of apps, to create an application module as above or to create a new app, chat to us via our chat box, or send email to mark@tagcash.com

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About Us

Tagcash is a digital wallet developer and platform, building blockchain solutions on Distributed Ledger Technology. Tagcash is regulated by the central bank of the Philippines (BSP), and is authorised as an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI)

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